Sector : Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value : 834.56 Crore
Location : Andhra Pradesh - India Ref.No : 27887952
Closing Date : 09 - Mar - 2018
Investigation, Survey, Planning, Design, Construction and handling over of 5,862 EWS DUs/flats (each of super builtup area of 300 Sft), 7,328 EWS DUs/flats (each of super builtup area of 365 Sft) and 1,466 EWS DUs/flats (each of super builtup area of 430 Sft), (Total 14,656 EWS DUs/flats) in G+3 pattern with Monolithic concrete construction (Shear wall technology) and with suitable foundations as per soil conditions including Internal Infrastructure facilities such as water supply, sanitary and electrification under PMAY (HFA) with 2 years defect liability period under EPC system at Ongole, Ongole(Yarajarla) ULBs in Prakasam District.
Sector : Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value : 319.98 Crore
Location : Jharkhand - India Ref.No : 27890450
Closing Date : 21 - Mar - 2018
Door to Door collection, Transfer, Transportation, developing and operating an integrated Municipal Solid Waste Processing Facility and Engineered Sanitary Landfill Facility in on a long-term Design, Build, Operate and Transfer (DBOT)
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : 155.99 Crore
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 27886029
Closing Date : 14 - Mar - 2018
Tender for Supply and installation of LT AC Single Phase 5–30 Amps Static Energy Meters with 6LoWPAN based Internal Low Power Radio Frequency connectivity for communication and implementation of RF-DCU for RF Meter Reading in R-APDRP towns of Jalgaon, Nanded & Latur Zones of MSEDCL.
Sector : Civil Works Tender Value : 100.91 Crore (approx.)
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 27874880
Closing Date : 05 - Mar - 2018
Providing Electrical Wiring for Re-location of Space for Modernization in GOI Press, Minto Road.
Providing 3 Phase & Single Phase Power Points, Wiring in New JCB Sections at GOI Press.
Providing Acoustic lining in the HVAC Plant room for Minimizing the sound in CAG office Building.
Replacement of Existing Cooling Tower and Pipe Line and valves near Cooling Tower at C&AG Office Building.
Providing and Fixing of LED Lights for Proper Illumination in Rajghat Samadhi and Rajghat (Quarters).
Renovation of Electrical Distribution System and rearrangement of Electrical Cables on Rampart and Lahori Gate, Red Fort, Electrical Work Including Civil Work.
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : 94.23 Crore (approx.)
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 27876492
Closing Date : 19 - Mar - 2018
Development of Power Supply infrastructure distribution Network including 33/11 KV and 11/0.4 KV HT substation and allied work in Pushpak Nagar.
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : 60.52 Crore (approx.)
Location : Jammu-kashmir - India Ref.No : 27883184
Closing Date : 08 - Mar - 2018
Electrification works of Urban areas of Rajouri circle including erection ,testing and commissioning of LT/HT Networks
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : 50 Crore
Location : Jammu-kashmir - India Ref.No : 27883204
Closing Date : 19 - Mar - 2018
Turnkey Package for Fabrication, Galvanisation, Supply and Erection of Lattice Type Steel Tower Structures , Supply, Laying and Stringing of ACSR Zebra Conductor and Accessories, Testing and Commissioning of 220 kV D/C Alusteng-Mirbazar Line
Sector : Industrial Development Agencies Tender Value : 35.09 Crore (approx.)
Location : Gujarat - India Ref.No : 27887987
Closing Date : 07 - Mar - 2018
Construction of Rigid pavement, Drainage, Storm water Drainage, Utility Trenches, and Street Lights for OIDC's five Industrial Estates.
Sector : Scientific Instruments Tender Value : 35 Crore
Location : Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No : 27880759
Closing Date : 12 - Mar - 2018
Supply of Two Parts Tender Items, 200 Kv Feg-Tem With Lorentz Objective Lens, Thin Film High Resolution X-Ray Diffractometer, Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Cluster, Uhv Based System To Grow Complex Thin Films And Multilayers, Air Conditioners, A Laue Setup For Single Crystal Orientation, Thin Film Xrr And Gixrd System, Rapid Thermal Annealing Rta System, Spark Plasma Sintering System, Atr-Ftir Spectrometer, High Quality Aspheric Mirror For Indus-I, Uhv Mirror Chamber With Manipulator, Uv-Vis-Nir Spectrophotometer System, Closed Cycle Refrigerator, Surface Profilometer, Glove Box, Crystal Cutting Machine, Table Top Dual Source Magnetron Sputter Deposition System, Lq. N2 Storage Dewar 2000l And Transfer Line, Motorised Programme Ball Mill, Helium Gas Manifolds And Cylinders, Vacuum Pumps, Online Ups, Scintillation Detector For X-Rays, Lock-In-Amplifiers, Oil Free Compressors, Mass Flow Meters And Controllers, Cryogen Free Optical Cryostat, Spectral Photoconductivity And Responsivity, Furnaces, Tig Welding Machine, Centrifuge, Spin Coater, Analytical Balance, Water Chiller, Nano Voltmeter, Temp. Controller, Power Supply, D33 Meter, Piezo Electric D33 Tester , Piezo Actuator, Radiation Meter, Proportional, Fume Hood, Variable Temperature Insert For He Storage Dewar, Laser Sources, Single Part Tender Items, Mossbauer Source, Co 57, Sn 119, 151 Sm, Electrical Items, Enriched Helium 3 Gas, Helium 4 Gas, 1"& 2 " Cathodes For Magnetrons, Chemicals, Substrates, Targets, Vacuum Components, Optical Components And Accessories, Coaxial Cable And Low Temp. Accessories, Density Functional Theory Source Code.
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : 30.64 Crore (approx.)
Location : Jammu-kashmir - India Ref.No : 27883174
Closing Date : 08 - Mar - 2018
Electrification works of Urban areas of Kishtwar circle including erection testing and commissioning of HT/LT Networks
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